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2011-03-26 Sat 15:56


 4日前、1号炉が溶融し圧力容器の底が抜けて核燃料が地下水から海水に浸透していると! まさに最悪の事態が進行中。 海水汚染の謎が解けました。



ench journalist spills the beans about Fukushima meltdown.
FREE PLANET loves off-the-wall or 'conspiracy' stories that have (at least) a seeming basis in fact, but every now and then I'll get unhealthily excited about some absolute NUTJOB story I find on the internet and share it with you, in case.

Remember my ludicrous Dugway Army Base NOVICHOK story from January 2011? Well, this one has the same sort of TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE journalistic scoop about it. So, right off the bat, BIIIIIG PINCH OF SALT with this allegedly revelatory piece from a French journalist called "Jean" that concerns the real extent of the damage at the Fukushima nuclear plant. I'll just post the crazy thing in its entirety and you can make your own minds up.


I have just come out of a closed door meeting of the ASN [the French Nuclear Safety Authority, ed].

One of the top man at the agency desribed to me the current sutation at the FUKUSHIMA plant.

He is not allowed to divulge what I am about to tell you.

He has asked to "go forth and tell the truth"; while there is still time to save lives:

Reactor 1 has gone through a full metdown 4 days ago.
The containment has been breached.
The lower part of the reactor has completely melted away.
Radioactive fuel has breached the bottom of the nuclear plant, and is seeping into the ground.
This is the reason why, water contamination is getting worse by the hour.
The current situation of plant 3, is nearing the same process.

He told me that the situation is extremely critical, and that there is no possibility to stop, until now, this irreversible process in plant 2,3.

As for plant 4, it is believed that the nuclear spent rods are close to meltdown, the temperature at the empty spent pool is of 450 degrees.

I hope this information will be of service, notably to those living in Japan.

And that's it. No more details. Don't even know if "Jean"'s a legit French journalist. Though his 'background' information on the French Organisation he's talking about pans out. And, yes, his English does seem too good to be true, for a journalist. But luck at his structure, "the empty spent pool is of 450 degrees" this is EXACTLY how a French person would translate directly from French to English, "...la temperature est de 450 degrees."

According to Kyodo News, 13 NEUTRON BEAMS having been seen among the Fukushima wreckage, which is a sign of 'pre-meltdown'. Why not just CAP the Fukushima plant in a tomb of concrete? Well, there's obviously a potential SHITLOAD of weapon's grade plutonium to salvage some PROFIT from.

If this French journalist's story is true, well that's TRULY APOCALYPTIC HORROR for the people of Japan. If it's fake'd, it's just another RECKLESS CUNT ON THE INTERNET. Only time will tell.

Here's an example of the sort of sinister LIQUIFACTION of the ground that's been happening in Japan. More than the threat of another tsunami, let's hope this doesn't happen under the Fukushima damaged power plants.

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